Orphan Sponsorship Rings

Orphan Sponsorship Rings

According to NGOs, it is estimated that there are 400 million orphans in the world and almost 4 million children are orphaned each year. If these children come together, they could populate the 3rd biggest country in the world.... 

In a world where such statistics are only a little discussed, children, and especially orphaned children, are the largest vulnerable group of human social life. Children who are left unprotected face threats such as organ mafia, beggar and prostitution gangs, human traffickers, criminal organisations, substance abuse, child recruitment in military and child labour. For orphans who have been surviving with uncertainty day to day, we are building kindness rings to protect them immediately and, through maintained support of their growth, to broaden glimmers of hope in their futures.

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At İyilikhane, we regularly support orphans' housing, education, health, clothing and food needs in Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, Southeast Asia and Africa with donations that deliver 125 TL to each orphan per month, donated by hundreds of philanthropists participating collectively in orphan sponsorship rings.

You can also sponsor an orphan with a donation of 125 TL per month, or you can support an orphan together with a few people by joining our orphan sponsorship rings with the amount you want (10 / 20 / 25 / 50 TL per month).

A sponsorship period is determined as one year. However, if one year sponsorship is not within your means, you can also support an orphan with a one-time commitment or a few-months commitment. After you fill out the Orphan Sponsorship Form and deliver your first donation to our association, you will receive an email including an information document which includes a photo and information of the orphan sponsored by your ring.

Yes. You too can take care of one of the millions of orphans in need of support. You can help to protect them from danger and to continue their education.

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