Charity Basket Project

Charity Basket Project

Chartiy Basket is a gifting system, which we developed with many unique products in 15 category to encourage philanthropists, aiming to finance projects that touches the lives of orphan a  nd needy children.

We send gifts as books, bookmarks, notebooks, rosettes, keychains, salaat packages, etc. to benefactors, we intend;

-benefactors to keep orphans in mind.

- to make goodness reach a wide group including primary school childern to grown ups.

- to encourage benefactors to “produce for goodness” which is our basic idea since the first “Bookmark Project” of our charity. When you donate the money as product cost, that product is sent to your address and your donations will finance our projects such as “Malavi Orphanage, Patani School and Bangladesh Orphanage.

- In “Charity Basket Project”, either you may buy all the products (bookmarks, notebooks, keychains, salaat package, etc) for yourself or you may send them as a gift to your beloved ones, you may also contact us to order the products in bulk to advertise them to your neighbourhood.

Let’s fill up your charity basket and be a ray of hope for childern’s future.