Social Activities

Social Activities

Childern Iftar Meals

Since 2016, we intend to give a nice memory of Ramadan to orphans and reinforce their feelings of fraternity and unity by organising Childern Iftar Meals.

2017 Childern Iftar

On 17th June, we welcomed 500 guests including childern and mothers within 2. “House of Goodness Childern Iftar meal” at Bosphorus Mansion. We prepared many entertaining activites such as air toys, swing, face painting, clown, painting and origami stands, cotton candy for childern. We witnessed their happiness with many volunteers. Although there was a light rain in the end of the event, we were very happy to hear the sentence “This day was beyond our dreams” from our little guests. We thank to the authority of Bosphorus Mansion for the place, to the Uskudar Municipality for the meal and travelling, to our benefactors for organisation costs, and to our volunteers for their effort with enthuisiasm, sincerety and care.

2016 Childern Iftar

On 28th June, we started our day by buying Eid clothing for childern in company with our volunteers and went to Gazanferaga Medresseh which had been decorated earlier for our 2016 Childern iftar meal. The event started with face painting activity and continued with playing with clown. We have send our little guests to their houses after giving them our little memory gifts.