Be A Volunteer


Would you like to make a contribution to the activities that are created in İyilikhane and spread all around the country and earn a place in the prayers of the orphans and the children in need?

If you like to donate a part of your time, your heart, your labour and your warmth, you can fill in the form and join us

Volunteer Application Form

What can you do as a volunteer?

  • You can help with the promotion of our projects and works. You can obtain our posters and brochures from the organization headquarters and put them up and hand them out in facilities such as schools, dorms, courses etc.
  • You can help with the promotion of our gift products. You can introduce the products we have in the Charity Basket in various places and inform more people about our system of donation via exchanging gifts.
  • You can create circles of orphan sponsorship. You can share the 100 TL budget which is needed to sponsor an orphan with your circle of friends and be the object of an orphan’s prayers.
  • You can organize charity sales, seminars, booths, iftar dinners etc. You can help expand consciousness about looking out for the orphans by welcoming a bigger crowd to charity circles with each activity you organize.
  • You can take part in programs such as charity sales, seminars, booths, iftars, aid disbursements, fairs etc. you can contribute to the expansion of this movement of kindness by being a part of the activities that are organized.
  • You can participate in the social study and aid disbursement works we carry out in order to identify children in need with our social service specialist.
  • You can take part in our activities as a volunteer photographer or translator.
  • You can provide transportation in our activities with your vehicle.
  • You can offer your help for the preparation processes of our activities inside the office by coming to the headquarters.
  • You can do translations. You can make translations for our English and Arabic web sites and social media accounts and help us expand our projects and works internationally.
  • You can contribute in the preparation of the orphan reports by joining our research team.
  • You can join our social media team. You can help raise awareness for the orphans by reposting the content in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

and you can contact our organization to plan any other act of kindness with which you can touch a child’s life by utilising the opportunities and skills you have.

Volunteer Application Form