Home Construction in Arakan

  • 09.05.2018
  • Haber

1.2 million Arakanese people, 500.000 of which are children escaped from the oppress in Myanmar and took shelter in refugee camps in Bangladesh. They are struggling to hold on to life and deprived of humane living conditions.  The life of the people living under extreme conditions has become much worse day by day due to Monsoon rains etc.
United Nations stated that Arakanese people are the most oppressed community in the world and declared that at least 200 thousand people need safe shelters urgently. 

We take the initiative to have safe bamboo houses built with your support to provide shelter for hundreds of thousands of children living in the camps and establish İyilikhane village and playgrounds inside the village to give chance for the children to enjoy their childhood. You can provide support as much as you can for the construction of a house or playground.   

Bamboo house cost 3500 TL
Playground construction 2000 TL

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