Our Orphanage Opened!

  • 01.04.2018
  • Haber

Our orphanage opened!

Following Malawi Orphanage and Patani School built with the contributions of bookmark project, we laid the foundation of İyilikhane Orphanage in 2015 and completed construction of İyilikhane Orphanage Project with your support to shelter 170 orphans. We inaugurated our orphanage with the participation of Bangladeshi brothers on 1st April, 2018 on Sunday.  

With a population of 5 million orphans in Bangladesh, our orphanage built in an education complex in Khulna city will ensure safe and clean shelter and education environment for 170 boys with an age between 6 and 16. Our orphanage was built on an area with 730 square meters and it will serve children with 32 dorm rooms, library, lecture room, laundry room, infirmary, dining hall, storeroom, kitchen and garden.

On behalf of Bangladeshi orphans, we extend our sincere thanks to over 10.000 volunteers who provide full material and financial support for programs, 50 seminars, 100 booths and kermis organizations held along 3 years of construction period for the project with a cost of € 625.000 Euro.

After the completion of İyilikhane Orphanage Project, we provide support for orphans at the four corners of the earth with orphan sponsorship circles.  On the other hand, we increasingly keep our works to provide food for the children in need in our country. We wish to receive your support for our new works to make many children smile.