3rd Children’s Iftar

  • 09.06.2018
  • Etkinlik

İyilikhane Children’s Iftar, 3rd of which has been organized this year was held on 9th July 2018 on Saturday in Avcılar Coast with the participation of 75 volunteers and 380 children with their families reaching to 500 guests in total. We gathered together around iftar table by saying grace and had a good time to repletion in amusement park and activity area with hundreds of children who try to hold on the life with hope by standing out against the difficulties of war and poverty. 

In activity day, we came together with some of our volunteers at the area dedicated to our iftar. We prepared face painting, playgrounds and competition areas, ice cream and cotton candy booths before arrival of the children. We transferred the children and their families from Fatih district to iftar area at 16:00 with a group of our volunteers. While infants spent time with plays such as face painting, painting, origami, playing tag, we had a good time with 7 years and older children in amusement park for 4 hours.

Towards iftar time, we gathered together with our entire guests in food court. We broke fast following pray and Quran recitation of 9-year old Syrian child, Abdurrahman. After the iftar, we began to serve ice cream and cotton candies in our booths. We sent the children off to Fatih at 22:30 with service vehicle after they spent unforgettable day with iftar and entertainment program.  

13-14 year old children told us that they had gone to amusement park during festive holidays before outbreak of war but they couldn’t go there after that for years. They told that it was the happiest day of them since they immigrate into Turkey. A 7 year old child who was born in the dead of war expressed his feelings by saying “It is my first time in amusement park. I am so excited!”

We hereby thank to our donors and volunteers who have taken the initiative to please the children with the occasion of iftar to leave a pleasant Ramadan memories for children and strengthen fraternity and solidarity.