Eğitim Gönüllüsü Ol!

  • 29.08.2019
  • Duyuru

Fraternity Bond Project is an action for education, social support and guidance of refugee children. The principal purpose of this project is establishing a bond between volunteers and Syrian children who lived traumatic things like war, immigration, social exclusion etc and making positive progress in children’s life psychologically, socially and academically through this bond’s curative effect. First Stage of the Project will be run at between Semtember 2019 and Jun 2019.

Within the scope of the project, primarily “Fraternity Groups” that is consisted 3 refugee children of the same age and 2 volunteers will be constituted. Every Fraternity Group will come together at least 3 hours a week at the centre of our foundation.  The Volunteers will give extra lessons to their school lessons every week according to children’s individual necessity. Also according to children’s point of interest and ability, volunteers and refugee children will attend a activity together (like tour,
sport activity, science-art workshop etc) In case every two months, an activity will be organized with the participation of all children and volunteers in the Project. By contributing education and development of attendant volunteers in this project, to facilitate their work with refugee children which is vulnerable groups, on 29 September “Understanding the Refugee Children Voluntary Training” will be organized and during the Project sharing and supervision meetings will be held with project advisor every other week. As a “Fraternity Volunteer”, you can share your time, knowledge and smile with children, you can establish in their life a bond that will never rupture.

Who can apply for Fraternity Volunteer?

  • If you are a citizen in İstanbul, between the ages of 18-30, a university student or graduate,
  • If you enjoy helping children with their lessons and accompanying them in social activities,
  • If you want to improve yourself with the training as well as being beneficial to children
  • If you allocate at least 5 hours in a week until June,

we’re waiting for you.

The volunteers who will be in charge at Fraternity Bond Project will be determined by interview after their application. 
You can send an email to for your questions, opinions and suggestions related to the Project and you can reach our foundation from 02128070709