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  • 03.03.2019
  • Haber

We befriend refugee children which are at their education ages via “Fellowship Connection Education, Social Support and Guidance Project”. We most sincerely accompany the children by means of additional lectures , games and activities. Would not you also want to support children with donations to help them go on with their educations and have a good future ! Monthly scholarship for a child is 200 TL.

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What is Fellowship Connection Project ?

Fellowship Connection is our education, social support and guidance project which is intended for refugee children. The project’s main goal is to establish fellowship connections between the syrian children who have been exposed to war , immigration , ostracisation and traumatic incidents and the volunteers and with this connection’s healing effect , to provide a positive improvement in social and academic aspects in the children’s lives . With the help of 34 volunteers , 1 project coordinator and 1 project consultant , we serve 51 children aged 11-15 in the work of our project which we do between the dates of February 2019 and June 2019.

The second goal of Fellowship Connection Project is to support the education and improvement of all the volunteers who work with the children and would like to share their time , love and knowledge with the children. For this purpose , we organized “The education of understanding the refugee children” on the dates of February 23-24 ,2019 in order to increase the amount of trained people who are capable of working with the refugee children who are a critical group . We have chosen the volunteers for Fellowship Connection Project with the interviews which have been had with the volunteers who have taken the refugee training . Between the dates of March-July 2019 once every two weeks , sharing and supervision schedules continue to be done with the participation of the expert psychologist Fatma Zehra Gelgör.

Monthly Scholarship For A Child is 200 TL

We , with Fellowship Connection Project, support the refugee children who drop out of school due to poverty and join the working life in order for them to fulfill their needs. We actualise their school enrollments and follow their participation to education. We ensure that the children improve faster in psychological, social and academic ways by attending regularly to the lectures and activities within our project.


You aswell can support in order for them to go on with their education continuously by donating. Monthly scholarship for a child is 200 TL.



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