Children and Smile Photo Contest

  • 05.02.2015
  • Yarışma

In order to bring to the agenda the children who are the most innocent and vulnerable victims of all humanitarian crises and the smiles they gave us despite everything, İyilikhane Photography Contest that we organized between 05.02.2015 and 28.02.2015 was concluded. 

Here is the list of participants who have a right to get awards and their photos receiving the most votes from social media participants:

Emine Bozkulak, "You hold their hands, so they can grow up."

Irem Uzun, "You are a child, I fell into the cascade of your voice..." 

Gülsevim Acar, "Happiness"

Halit Ergün, "Smile"


”Children and Smiles" Photography Contest Participation Specification

The contest is organized between 05.02.2015 - 28.02.2015 by İyilikhane Child Association.


Theme: "Children and Smiles"


Conditions Of Participation

  • The contest is open to participants of all ages and is free of charge.
  • Participants can participate in the contest by taking photos with their mobile phones, amateur/professional cameras or any image recording device they want.
  • A contestant can participate in the contest with up to three photos but can only receive one prize.
  • The size of the sent photos should not exceed 4 MB.
  • There should be no marks like date, logo, name, signature and etc. on the photo.
  • Photos can be in color or black and white. In addition, photos with digital changes will not be evaluated.
  • Photos that contain content inappropriate to politics, advertising, public sensitivities, have participated in any contest before or published on the internet will not be accepted.
  • The participant accepts and declares that the photographs he/she sends to the contest are all his/her own, that the necessary permissions have been obtained, together with other matters. The award, title and all kinds of gains of those who are understood to act out of this declaration and acceptance from the award-winning photographers are taken back.
  • The participant is deemed to have transferred all usage rights of the photograph sent to the address "" to the İyilikhane Child Association. 
  • İyilikhane Child Association has the right and authority to unilaterally change the terms of the campaign it conducts at any time and to cancel, stop and terminate the campaign without stating a reason. Possible changes regarding the competition will be announced on the website of İyilikhane or Facebook page.
  • Participants are deemed to have accepted these terms.



  • The contest will be held on Facebook and the participants are required to send their photographs by e-mail to with their "Name, Surname, Telephone Number, E-mail Address and Photo Name". Photos sent with incomplete or incorrect information will not be evaluated.
  • Photographs that comply with the concept of the contest and meet this participation specification will be published on the İyilikhane Facebook page after being checked by İyilikhane.
  • The evaluation will be conducted in a transparent manner and is based on a comparison of the number of likes of the photos that will be posted on İyilikhane Facebook page.
  • In order for all participants to compete fairly, the photos submitted up to 3 days (February 25,  2015, until 11:59 pm) before the result announcement date (February 28, 2015) will be accepted. Photos submitted in the last 3 days will not be published.
  • Voting will continue until February 28, 2015 at 21:00 and those who rank at 22:00 on the same day will be announced on İyilikhane Facebook page.
  • The top 3 photos with the most "votes" will be awarded and the next three photos will be determined as substitute winners. No reward will be given to substitute winners.
  • İyilikhane reserves the right to cancel the contest's right to win a prize and cancel the contest data if it is determined that a contestant who cheats or gains unfair gain by using computer technologies in a way that affects the results of the contest during or after the contest.
  • The award will be presented on March 1, 2015at 10:30 in the İyilikhane Breakfast Program to be held at 1453 Topkapı Social Facility.



  • First place - Technology market gift voucher worth 750 TL
  • Second Place - Technology market gift voucher worth 500 TL
  • Third place - Technology market gift voucher worth 250 TL