Fraternity Bond Project

    • 29.08.2019
    • Duyuru

    Fraternity Bond Project is an action for education, social support and guidance of refugee children. The principal purpose of this project is establishing a bond between volunteers and Syrian children who lived traumatic things like war, immigration, social exclusion etc and making positive progress in children’s life psychologically, socially and academically through this bond’s curative effect. First Stage of the Project will be run at between February 2019 and Jun 2019.

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    4.İftar with Children

    • 26.05.2019
    • İftar with Children
    We were all together with almost 400 people who are children, their parents and the volunteers on Iyilikhane’s ritualized Iftar organization. See Details

    İyilikhanede Ramazan

    • 29.04.2019
    • Haber
    Çocukların tebessümüne vesile olmak için bayramlık, gıda kartı, fitre, zekat dağıtımları ve 4.Çocuk İftarı hazırlıklarımız başladı.
    Bayramlık 150 TL - Gıda 100 TL See Details

    Education Support

    • 03.03.2019
    • Haber
    We befriend refugee children which are at their education ages via “Fellowship Connection Education, Social Support and Guidance Project”. See Details

    Gönüllü Eğitimi

    • 24.02.2019
    • Etkinlik
    Mülteci çocuklara yönelik çalışmalarda görev almak isteyen gönüllülerimizle eğitim programında buluştuk. See Details

    Childiren are getting warm with your favours!

    • 10.12.2018
    In İstanbul, our orphan, refugee, in need 108 children reached their winter clothes with your support.  When our children who meet our volunteers at the clothing shop picked winter clothes like coat, boat, sweater etc., they shared their happines with our volunteers. With the winter helps we continue warming up children who are from Al-Quds. We kindly request your contribution to be the reason of children’s smiles. See Details

    Favor Stands

    • 10.11.2018
    Favor Bag that started with Bookmarker Project in 2011, until today conduced to built orphanage and school at Malavi, Patani and Bangladesh, this time it is being hope for children in Arakan. With the products acquired in return for the donation, you can have hundreds of unique products in 15 categories and you can be a smile of orphans and children in need. See Details

    Volunteers OF Iyilikhane is Getting Together!

    • 01.11.2018

    We are getting together with our volunteers to talk about our works of favour and volunteering actions. Via 2 meeting we organized in October, we met with our volunteers and the students of Şefkat College Young Foundation Volunteer Club in iyilikhane.

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    Stationery Aid

    • 16.09.2018
    With your support, 220 orphans and children in need have had happiness of starting their school with new bags and stationery equipment See Details

    3rd Children’s Iftar

    • 09.06.2018
    • Etkinlik

    İyilikhane Children’s Iftar, 3rd of which has been organized this year was held on 9th July 2018 on Saturday in Avcılar Coast with the participation of 75 volunteers and 380 children with their families reaching to 500 guests in total. We gathered together around iftar table by saying grace and had a good time to repletion in amusement park and activity area with hundreds of children who try to hold on the life with hope by standing out against the difficulties of war and poverty. 


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