About Us



We, aim to produce “planned goodness” against “planned badness” which is made behind closed doors all around the World. In today’s World which turned into a Global village, we take helping and preserving orphans, the most vulnerable ones in case of victimization on as a duty and we walk steady on this way with only sincerity in our pockets. While dreaming of a World which has no orphans whose hands never been holded and whose heads never been caressed, we aim to plan many charity organisations and want to be specialised goodness acivists.

We try to offer solutions to orphans with the short, mid and long term plans that we prepared. We build schools and orphanages in collaboration with local civil associations for a well-educated generation to be raised with high standard education opportunity. We provide financial support to orphans montly, furthermore we prepare projects to fulfil their physcological and social needs. We plan to start an İyilikhane (House of Goodness) R&D department, which will research the conditions of orphans all around the World starting from our country, submit orphan reports and make periodical strategic plans in accordance with the needs detected. In all stages of our process we involve as many as benefactors, aiming to develop the community of responsible and caring people.