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Who We Are ?

Who We Are?

İyilikhane Child Association maintains its activities to meet the humanitarian, cultural, social and intellectual needs of orphans and other children in need. Our story started at Boğaziçi University in 2011. We started a charity movement with Bookmark Project. As a result of our project with the support of thousands of students;

        -We initiated cataract surgeries for 21 patients in Africa,

        - We built orphanage for 46 orphans in one of the poorest countries in Africa, Malawi

        -We built a school for 360 students in Thailand-Pattani,

        -We put hundreds of charitables through Orphan Sponsorship Circles and supported hundreds of orphans with 100 TL monthly.

As a result of voluntary work, we decided to plan the charities in a more professional level and we established İyilikhane Association for Solidarity with Orphans in İstanbul in 2014. Following this, we decided to proceed in more comprehensive manner to keep the children in our agenda who are orphans as well as the children living under hard conditions even their father are alive and we changed the name of our association as İyilikhane Child Association in 2017.

Or main focus is orphans and children in need. We prepare projects to meet their financial and moral needs and produce resources to finance these projects. We aim to include quite a lot of charitables in these processes and develop human resources devoted to this issue. In short, what we imagine is a world where all orphans are shown compassion.

“Our intention is good, our destination will be goodness.”