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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation of İyilikhane Child Association launched in February 2011 with the “Bookmark Project”. In February 2014, with the name “Institute for Solidarity with Orphans” won an official identity. In July 2017, the association changed the name to the İyilikhane Children Association in order to keep the agenda with a more inclusive statement to include the needy children whose father’s are alive but live under very difficult conditions besides only orphan children.
This is the charity movement that started to finance only a few cataract surgeries, in order to do this, bookmarks were prepared and then this movement spread in 64 cities of Turkey from the Bosphorus University with the help of youth who dedicated efforts and 430.000 TL donations obtained as a result, they built 46-person orphanage in Malawi and a 300-seat school in an and Patani.
According to UNICEF’s report, there are 165 to 210 million orphans on earth. Moreover, this number does not include 52 countries from the Middle East and Asia ... 30% of 82 million orphans in Africa have been orphaned because of AIDS. It estimated that there are 300,000 child soldiers in the world, 2.5 million children are kidnapped each year and 3 thousand children are forced into prostitution every day ... And almost 4 million children became orphans every year. This shows that more than 10 children are orphaned on a daily basis ... In a world where such statistics are spoken, children and especially orphan children constitute the most vulnerable category of social life. We have taken orphans and needy children to the center of our projects, therefore, while their life becomes ambiguous day to day, these movements can emerge as a hopeful light in their lives.
The association was founded in a world where evils were always written and plotted, thinking that good things must be planned on a professional ground so that the good can win. As the centerline, we take an interest in children who are orphans and needy. We prepare projects for their humanitarian, cultural, social and intellectual needs and we produce resources to finance the projects. We aim to involve as many philanthropists as possible in all these processes and thus to develop the human resource that is making the effort in this area. Ultimately, we are dreaming of a world of which there is no orphan who has not been loved
In Charity Basket project, we design our bookmarks, notebooks, badges, keychains, sets and we are making them tools for goodness. If you donate as much as ’donation cost’ under our products, we will send the product to your address with cargo. And we make sure that your donations will help our projects for orphans and children in need pass by; just like it was in Malawi Orphanage, Pattani School, and Bangladesh Orphanage...
You can donate by using our online donation system. You can send your donation by bank transfer / EFT to the bank account numbers on our site. You can instruct an automatic payment order with your credit card. You can donate cash by hand by coming to the İyilikhane Children Association center. In the explanation section of your donation, please write your name, mobile phone number and your donation purpose (General, Orphanage, Food, Zakat etc.). For example; "GENERAL 05555555555 AYSE YILMAZ" “ORPHANAGE 05555555555 ALİ YILMAZ"
For detailed information about public relief, you can contact our association from the contact information in the Contact section within working hours.
You make your donation (bank, online, cash), it will suffice to specify the donation as a zakat in the description part of your document.
You can check the volunteer support pages on the Volunteer page. By filling out the Volunteer Application Form, you can specify areas where you can support volunteer work. After you complete the volunteer application form, our volunteer coordinator will contact you as soon as possible. You can also send an e-mail to gonullu@iyilikhane.org.tr for information about our volunteer work or contact our association on the contact page.
The kermess is an activity that is subject to permission within the scope of "Law on Collection of Benefits". You can contact our association to find out more about permissions and arrangement of kermess.
You can get information about the activities of our Association by visiting www.iyilikhane.org.tr or from our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
With the Orphan Sponsorship System, you can support an orphan’s with 100 Turkish Liras a month for housing, education, health, clothing and food needs. However, instead of paying the entire 100 TL with our orphan sponsorship rings, you may be included in a circle we organize by donating 10, 20, 30 or 50 TL per month, you can hold an orphan’s hand.
By completing an orphan sponsorship application form you can apply to be a sponsor.
The orphan sponsorship starts with donator’s first sponsorship donation to our association after filling in the Orphan Sponsorship Application Form. The information of the sponsored orphan’s child will be delivered by e-mail to the donator within one month after the first donation reaches our association. Relevant reports and progress reports will be submitted to the donor one year later.
It is our request from you that you are committed to helping regularly for at least 1 year. However, if you do not have the commitment for 1 year, you may be able to support for 6 months, 3 months or even a one-time donation.
You can make donations online using the online donation system. You can send your donation by wire transfer to the bank account numbers on our site. You can issue an automatic payment order with your credit card. You can contact us for your donation to be collected automatically from our credit card by our association. You can donate cash by hand at İyilikhane Child Association center. In the description of bank transactions, please indicate your donation purpose with the expression "RING(Halka)" and do not forget to write your mobile number and your name. Example: "RING 05555555555 AYSE YILMAZ"
As part of the orphan sponsorship project, our partners are the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Çare Solidarity and Development Association.
We share orphan’s photos that you sponsored and basic information about them via email. However, we can not share the address information in terms of the child’s safety and privacy. So it does not seem possible to see face to face.
Adoption is a legal procedure; adopting a child means that the child is officially taken out of the agency. Sponsorship means short-term or long-term financial assistance to a child. With the sponsorship system, the child remains with his or her family or relatives while child’s certain basic needs fulfilled. We do not have a movement for adoption. Through partner organizations, financial support is provided by supporting the orphans with their families or providing them with safe environments.


It is enough to fill up a form of voluntary from our website and specifyingyou want to join distribution of food cards at notes. Then our friends will call you and give you detailed information.

If you filled up a voluntary form, you can call iyilikhane from 0212 807 07 09 within working hours and you can get detailed information.

No. In iyilikhane, regardless of religion, language, race we work for the smile of all children in need that we can reach. There are Turkish and refugees children we support. We carry on our domestic works usually in İstanbul (mostly in Fatih) because of our center’s location. Considering the demographic structure of the district we are in, Our Syrian brothers and sisters that took refuge in our country by escaping from war are forming part of the children we normally help.

There isn’t any suboffice that is belong to us except our center. But our volunteers from other cities can join us too, they can engage in voluntary activities for the smiles of children, they can get in contact with our foundationto learn in detail what can they do.

Via the informations we get from local authorities and schools, and application that were made our foundation, the children who will be helped are being determined as a result of social research visits we make with our voluntary service specialists by walking the streets,going from house to house. The needs of all families are being reported, all children are listed by their needs and in this order we provide aid to firstly the most needy. Children’s conditions are controlled monthly with spot checkings.

You can report us if they are in our working area. But because we have so many families that request for help, we can’t return immediately. In such cases we add the family to our list. Then after our social research we determine the families that we will help.