Prayer Kit NS05 (2 in 1 - pink and blue)

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The charity we get from this prayer kit will be used in the projects designed to help orphans and children in need. If you want to be provided with an amount of ten or more, please contact our association. For international delivery, also please contact our association.

There are two prayer kits (as one for boys and one for girls) in one. The prayer kit is designed to help the children aged 5 - 11 to start praying with enthusiasm and to get used to it easily. Each one of our prayer kit consists of 12 pieces in its special package: - Prayer mat (95*55 cm) - Drawstring bag - Prayer cap/scarf - Rose scented prayer beans - The book named "It"s Time to Meet: The Prayer" - The cards written on the suras and prays for the prayer - Weekly follow-up schedule for prayer - PVC Bookmark - Spiral notebook (uncrossed) - Twin tip pen with a marker - Rosette - Birdirbir Child Magazines special issue on "Prayer" NOTE: It is limited in stock.