What is Charity Basket ?

At İyilikhane, it is one of our main goals to spread kindness to the masses, from primary school children to adults, by encouraging our benefactors to do more good through producing small original souvenirs under the umbrella of Charity Basket. Thus, as we have been experiencing since 2011 with our Bookmark Project journey, we leave our benefactors with a memory and foster their consciousness about taking care of the orphans all the while filling the donation pool even faster.

You will see our beautiful products that we have created with great care in our Charity Basket system to finance the Orphanage project such as bookmarks of our own design, notebooks, pins, keychains, “Starting Salah” sets, Translation of the Holy Qur’an sets and many more... When you donate as much as the “gift price” that is set for each product on our page, we will ship the product to your address. And thus, we will build a home for the orphans in Bangladesh, just like we did in Malawi Orphanage and in Patani School.

So come along and imagine how even a small donation of yours will turn into the prayers of a small child on the other side of the world. See how nothing can keep you apart from the prayer of that child, not the tens of thousands of kilometres, or the language, or the colour.

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