Volunteer Training Programmes

We bring together specialist academicians and experienced field workers in training programmes with our volunteers who want to take part in our activities for disadvantaged children. We hope that our training programmes can contribute to the understanding and practice of professional volunteering. These training programmes cover issues such as child development and attachment, communication and group activities with refugee children, trauma and its effects, adjustment problems, sample field studies conducted with refugee children, migration, immigration and refugee rights, abuse awareness, psychological first aid and self-care, and sense of volunteering. 

Seminars and Interviews

We meet our volunteers through seminars, interviews or online publications at various schools, non-governmental organisations, and dormitories. We share the story of İyilikhane, volunteering, the situation of orphans and refugee children around the world, and what our İyilikhane kindness movement experiences taught us.

Hall Programmes

We organise breakfasts, awareness nights and exhibitions with the help of our volunteers and speakers in order to bring our works for orphan children to the agenda and provide financial resources for our projects. 


We organise competitions in various periods, both to increase an awareness of orphan children in society and to create a resource for our projects.

With the award-winning “Child and Smile” photography contest which we organised in 2015, we brought children's smiles to the agenda. Within our donation campaign, we also organised a competition called “Let's Compete in Goodness” for the last bricks to complete the Bangladesh Orphanage. We drew lots to identify one of our volunteers who participated actively in our campaign to invite him/ her to the opening ceremony of our orphanage.

Stand Work

We inform and encourage our volunteers who come together for kindness in various provinces of Turkey about what they can do for the benefit of orphan children. We work to help orphan children and children in need to smile with the donations obtained from charity sales and the stands we have established with the support of our volunteers.