Since 2016, we have been working for orphan children and children in need and their families during Ramadan, and we organise children's iftars to leave pleasant memories of Ramadan in their minds and to reinforce their feelings of affinity and unity. We run various activities with children who come together at the iftar table with volunteers, play games, and at the end of a fun evening we send them home with gifts. 

2019 Children's Iftar

On May 26, 2019, we held our fourth Children's Iftar in a lush facility in Merter with volunteers, children and their families totalling 380 guests. Children had looked forward to the event and when it arrived we made dozens of beautiful memories; this has become an annual achievement. Games being played to the fullest, children jumping rope, playing ball and musical chairs, faces painted with colourful flowers….At the end of the day, we met at the iftar table with blessings of affinity seemingly seeping into the hearts of each guest.

2018 Children's Iftar

On June 9, 2018, we organised the third Children's Iftar, on the Avcılar beach, with the participation of 500 guests including volunteers, children and their families. Hundreds of children had fun in the showground and funfair, a welcome contrast to their daily challenges to live in hope while facing effects of war including absence, and we came together with prayers at the iftar table.

2017 Children's Iftar

We hosted 500 guests consisting of dozens of volunteers, children and their mothers, at Boğaziçi Konak for the second İyilikhane Children's Iftar on June 17, 2017. We prepared many fun activities for children such as inflatable toys, swings, clowns, face painting, painting, origami stands, and cotton candy. The children socialised with each other through games and shared enthusiasm regarding Ramadan during the iftar hour. 

2016 Children's Iftar

On June 28, 2016, we hosted 94 orphans and children in need with their mothers for the first İyilikhane Children's Iftar, which we organised at Gazanferağa Madrassah. On the same day, the children, who received their holiday clothes from volunteers, had a pleasant time with face painting, a clown show and many other events prepared for them in the event area. We completed the program with an iftar we had made together and we presented commemorative gifts to the children afterwards.