What kind of work is Rings of Kindness?

We bring together our donors, who regularly donate in various amounts such as 50-100-150-200-250 TL (2-4-6-8-10 USD) per month, to create Rings of Kindness and support the children in need we determine with 500 Liras (20 USD) per month. Our support carries on as long as the children's need maintain and the support of our donors.

How can you get involved in Rings of Kindness?

You can apply by filling out the form on the "Join the Rings of Kindness" button. We include you in an appropriate circle according to the amount and duration of the donation you specify in your application and we send you the basic information of the child you support by e-mail. If you are included in our circles for more than a year, we also share with you up-to-date information about the child you support.

How long can you support?

We include each child in our system to support at least one year. Therefore, we recommend that the commitment period for support is at least one year. 

Is it possible to make a one-off donation without being included in the circles?

We collect your one-time donations without being included in the circles in the project pool and deliver them to a child in need. If you want us to deliver your donation to the same child on a monthly basis and share the child's basic information with you, you need to fill in the application form and be included in a circle for a minimum of 1 year in order for us to match the donor-child.

Are all the children who are supported by the Rings of Kindness orphans?

In addition to orphaned children in ourRings of Kindness system, there are also children whose mothers and/or fathers are alive, but who live under very tough conditions due to illness or poverty, and whose need we have identified.

Why is it vital to back up Rings of Kindness?

Children who have been exposed to traumatic experiences such as migration, poverty, loss of family members and social exclusion in our country, unfortunately, spend most of their time on the streets with the possibility of all kinds of dangers. The number one target group of drug gangs and beggar mafias, these children can be dragged into various crimes such as theft, extortion and bodily injury, and convert to adults with antisocial personality traits and participate in social life as potential criminals. In addition to supporting children's basic needs such as health, education, clothing and food, we aim to prevent children from working, begging and committing crimes on the streets due to financial needs thanks to Rings of Kindness system. We hope that your touch will champion the education needs of children, ensure their participation at school and in social life as reliable and qualified individuals, and their protection from the threats on the street.

How do we specify children to be supported with Rings of Kindness?

We visit children's homes to determine their needs and collect information about the financial situation of children and their families with our social monitoring teams consisting of social workers and volunteers, We carry out needs designation and assessments, regardless of race, religion, sect, political view and opinion of the people in need. We determine the social aid score of each family by evaluating the information obtained as a result of the examinations made in the households according to objective criteria with our aid evaluation commission. We deliver monthly aid to the children included in our circles with the awareness of brotherhood and with the effort to establish sincere and safe human relations.