Eid Clothing Aid

Every year, before Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, we provide Eid clothes to orphans and children in need to help them have a happy holiday while also contributing to their clothing needs. Along with Eid clothes, we deliver packages filled with candy, prayer sets, toys, or Eid allowance (pocket money) based on the age of the children. Before each Eid, we share our children's holiday excitement as they choose their Eid clothes in the company of our volunteers, and we provide a pleasant environment for our volunteers to spend time with the children.

Winter Clothing Aid

Since 2016, we provide winter clothing to ensure that children are not adversely affected by the cold weather. Therefore we organise winter clothing dress-up events every winter. The children, accompanied by a parent/ guardian, meet our volunteers at a store and together they choose coats, boots and winter clothes and then they head to their homes, while we warm ourselves with the smiles left from them. 

School Clothing Aid

In order to prevent children from dropping out of school due to financial difficulties, as of 2019, we have started to provide school clothes for orphan children and children in need at the beginning of each academic year. Our volunteers meet children and their parents/ guardians at a store, select and supply all of the children’s school clothes and, in so doing, share the joy and excitement they experience on the first day of school with them. 

How can I give support?

  • Make a credit card donation through the online donation page.
  • Send a bank transfer donation via remittance/ EFT.
  • Help İyilikhane reach more philanthropists by sharing its work on social media accounts and in various communications.

Account Numbers for Clothing Aid Campaign:

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank
Fatih Branch : 5 - 8999609-5
TR36 0020 5000 0089 9960 9000 05

T.C. Ziraat Bank
Karagümrük Branch: 0965 - 67728819-5007
TR46 0001 0009 6567 7288 1950 07