Education Support Scholarship

In the Affinity Project, we support refugee children who have left school due to financial difficulties and started work to support their families: we grant them education scholarships to meet their needs while they re-attend school. We also support children with education scholarships to remain in education, rather than leave to work in support of their low income families. We keep track of their school enrollments and school attendance. We enable children to develop more rapidly psychologically, socially and academically by regularly participating in reinforcement lessons, games, and activities within the scope of our project. 

You can support the children with your donations to continue their education and to have a good future. 

The cost of supporting a child's monthly education is 500 TL. 
* You can donate any amount from 1 TL.

Click here for details of the Affinity Project.  

Stationery Aid

Since 2018, we have been preparing children in need for school with stationery aid at the beginning of each academic year. Our school bags which contain everything from notebook to crayon, geometry set to file, are an impetus to the smiles of children and a refreshment to their families.

How can I give support?

  • Donate with a credit card through the online donation page.
  • Send a bank transfer donation via remittance/ EFT.
  • Help İyilikhane reach more philanthropists by sharing its work on social media accounts and in various communications.
  • Donate 5 TL by writing “SCHOLARSHIP” in an SMS message sent to 4589, and 10 TL by sending a “SCHOLARSHIP” SMS message to 7589.

Account Numbers for Aid Campaign:

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank
Fatih Branch : 5 - 8999609-5
TR36 0020 5000 0089 9960 9000 05

T.C. Ziraat Bank
Karagümrük Branch: 0965 - 67728819-5007
TR46 0001 0009 6567 7288 1950 07