Cash Aid

We quickly delivered our collective cash aid to the region via Kizilay on the morning of February 6, following the earthquakes felt in ten cities, the epicentre of which is Kahramanmaras. We continuously followed up with the updated requirements.

Instant Tracking System for In-Kind Aid Collection Centres in Istanbul

We developed an open-access database, which we update on a daily basis, to allow the users to track the in-kind aid collection events organised by district governorships, municipalities, and youth centres in Istanbul.

Relief Trucks

We organised our relief trucks based on the needs in the region, working closely with those in charge in the earthquake-affected areas. We delivered emergency needs such as food and hygiene packages, stoves, blankets, quilts, powerbanks, underwear, thermal wear and water to the disaster-affected people, particularly children in the region. We updated our supplies based on the identified needs throughout the process and continued to deliver your donations by reaching the neighbourhoods and villages outside of the city centres with our relief trucks.

As the need in the region persists, we did not stop our relief efforts there. We continue to monitor the needs in the earthquake-affected cities.

Cleaning Package Assistance

During the period of the Covid-19 outbreak, the impact of which has been seen all over the world, many parents have been unable to continue their daily jobs. Therefore, some families do not have income or their income has fallen well below the minimum standard of living. In order to support orphan children and children in need who are living in these households, we started a hygiene package study and provided cleaning package assistance to the houses we visited. In March-May 2020, we delivered 105 cleaning packages containing detergent, bathroom-kitchen cleaning materials and personal cleaning products to families in Istanbul.

Hope for Rohingya Children

In 2018, with support of our benefactors and of NGOs working in the Cox's Bazar district of Bangladesh (where Rohingya camps are located), we established İyilikhane Village consisting of 28 bamboo houses and we also built five playgrounds consisting of slides and swings in order to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of 1.2 million Rohingya, of whom more than 500 thousand are children, living in “the worst conditions in the world” having fled Myanmar and taken refuge in Bangladesh.

In addition, we continue our support in the region towards education activities given to children in the Child Rehabilitation Center, which provides education for 200 children in Rohingya camps.

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Emergency Relief for Syria

In 2018 we provided urgent winter aid to children to protect them from the freezing cold while living in very difficult conditions as refugees within Syria's borders due to the civil war in the country. Through the support of philanthropists and the Turkish Red Crescent, we have delivered winter clothing and blankets to hundreds of orphan children and children in need.