We visit the homes of orphans and children in need in Istanbul and deliver shopping cards to their families, which they can use in grocery stores to meet their food needs. Families can use shopping cards to get food from specific markets and meet their own needs in a dignified manner.

Shopping Card 500 TL*
* You can donate as little as 1 TL.

How can I give support?

  • Make a credit card donation through the online donation page.
  • Send a bank transfer donation via remittance/ EFT.
  • Help İyilikhane reach more philanthropists by sharing its work on social media accounts and in various communications.
  • As a volunteer, participate in field work together with İyilikhane social workers, and in social investigation, detection and aid distributions.

How do we identify families who we can help? 

Application and registration process of children in need

We only consider applications from families with children in need.

We receive applications for aid by telephone, by Whatsapp message, by email and in person at the association headquarters. We request documents from each applicant to process their application for aid (identity document, residence certificate, health report, etc.). We electronically file completed documents with a family number allocated to each family, so that we can monitor each family aid process regularly. In strategising for future support, we also identify and include in our system those in need who do not know how to ask for help in the neighbourhoods we visit during our social review studies.

Procedure to determine needs

Our social investigation teams, consisting of social workers and volunteers, make visits to homes and gather information in order to examine requests for help, to authenticate the information received and determine the status of needs. We recognise the family members, the situation of the house and what is needed, and then we organise aids by making an evaluation. During these initial visits, we do not give immediate/ direct information to claimants as to whether or not aid will be given and what amount will be given.

Evaluation of access to aid

We determine and evaluate children’s needs regardless of language, religion, race, location and gender. We determine a social assistance score for each family by evaluating the information received as a result of visits to homes according to objective criteria with our aid evaluation commission. Within the provisions of the association, we deliver appropriate donated items or/ and cash aids to the families we have decided to help, and we do this by visiting their homes with the sense of affinity, in an effort to establish friendly and secure humanitarian relations.


We monitor changes in the families' situations at specific intervals and/or in line with new information and reassess the decision to continue, change or discontinue the assistance provided. (Applicants who we inform will not access aid, yet subsequently experience a change in their circumstances, can reapply and ask for a revisit.)

Account Numbers For Shopping Card Campaigns:

FATİH ŞUBESİ: 5 - 8999609-5
TR36 0020 5000 0089 9960 9000 05

K.GÜMRÜK ŞUBESİ: 0965 - 67728819-5007
TR46 0001 0009 6567 7288 1950 07