In response to the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people by Israel, escalating since October the 7th, we joined forces with numerous civil society organizations to raise our voices. We emphasized that Palestinian children, like children everywhere in the world, deserve to be in school, play in parks, and sleep safely and peacefully at night. We made clear that the responsibility to protect children belongs to us as adults. To symbolize the world of children and represent the children who lost their lives, we left toys in front of the consulate. We took the toys that Palestinian children couldn't play with for now, intending to send them to their peers in earthquake-affected areas.

During the action, Makbule Haykıran, Board Member of İyilikhane Association for Children, spoke and shared our press release.

"We have come together this time with volunteer friends from different non-governmental organizations, who work tirelessly day and night in their respective fields to improve the well-being of children and strive to find solutions instead of complaining, all for thousands of Palestinian children.

As we all know, they were born into the midst of the Israeli oppression that’s been going on for 75 years and are trying to survive under these conditions. Some were orphans, some couldn't even remain as orphans and were separated from this life. Even as we speak, their numbers continue to increase.

However, they are not just numbers. Each one of them is precious for their families, with dreams and goals, and they are all our siblings.

As İyilikhane Association for Children, in our activities, we have witnessed many stories. We closely see the traces of war and massacres in the daily lives of children who have survived. While they should be drawing flowers, rivers, and homes, they grow up drawing bombs and corpses because of the dire scenes they witnessed at a very young age which even adults cannot bear.

But this is not their normal, and it never will be!

In the face of this oppression and genocide that knows no rules, laws, or limits, we must strive to do our best in every possible way and hold onto each other as a serious reminder during such challenging times. We must make an effort to be part of the solution. We hope to keep alive our belief that we will personally deliver the toys we left here today to the children of a prosperous Palestine. We extend greetings to all conscientious people in the world who are part of this endeavor, together with our friends here."