23 February 2023 | Emergency Aid for the Earthquake Region Continues


We began distributing stoves, sanitary pads, wet wipes, powerbanks, baby diapers, toilet paper, soap, and masks in Adiyaman with the first of our aid trucks, which we prepared by monitoring the region's needs since the earthquake happened. Consequently, we updated our supplies according to the needs in the area and went to the neighborhoods outside the central Adiyaman with our 2nd truck, and delivered your donations to those in need. In our second truck, we concentrated on underwear and thermal wear, stoves, socks, and clothing, all of which are in urgently needed in the region.


We steered our 3rd and 4th trucks to areas of great need in Malatya. We visited tents to assess the needs of children and their families. On your behalf, we personally delivered underwear, quilts, sanitary pads, wet wipes, baby and sick diapers, toilet paper, and detergent.

We have delivered 19,110 emergency supplies to the earthquake zone so far.

We continue our humanitarian aid distributions as the emergency situation in the region persists. As of today, we are preparing our 5th truck and monitoring the needs in 11 cities that are affected by the earthquake.

Psychosocial Support Activities | Become a volunteer for our sisters and brother

Meanwhile, we have completed the preparations of our psychosocial support activities, which are critical for the holistic recovery of earthquake-affected people. By training volunteers who would like to serve in the region, we are currently focusing on providing psychosocial support to children and families affected by the earthquake.

Toys as healer

With the help of toys, we put smiles on the faces of children in the earthquake-hit zones. You can support us deliver toys to more children by your monetary donations and bring in new or used toys that are in good condition to our headquarters. Let’s work together to meet the need for toys, which play an important role in children's lives.