Monetary Donations

On the morning of February 6, we quickly delivered cash donations to the region following the earthquakes felt in ten provinces, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş. We have closely followed the updates and needs on the ground.

Coordinated Efforts for In-Kind Aid Collection Centers in Istanbul

We prepared a coordination system (database), which we update regularly every day, and we presented it to the benefit of the volunteers in order to follow up on the in-kind donations organized in district governorships, municipalities, and youth centers in Istanbul in a coordinated manner.

Our relief trucks are on their way!


We organize our aid trucks based on the needs on the ground, working closely with those in charge in the earthquake-affected areas. In this context, we are on our way to deliver emergency supplies such as food and hygiene kits, blankets, power banks, clothes, and water to disaster victims in the region, particularly children. We invite you to support us by your donations.