Our Initiatives in Gaza

Starting from November 13, 2023, in our humanitarian aid efforts in Gaza, we prioritized urgent water distribution and have delivered 75 tanker trucks of water to Gaza. Continuously monitoring the changing conditions and current needs in the region, we persist in providing hot meals, canned goods, medicine, and water support for children and families. We swiftly deliver our aid in collaboration with our local team and will continue to do so.

Ways You Can Support Gaza

- Contribute to our cause through donations of any amount, aiding us in reaching more children in Gaza.
- Volunteer your time in the various workshops, bazaars, and events that we organize.
- Utilize your skills, talents, or professional expertise to conduct workshops and donate the proceeds.
- Take the initiative to organize bazaars, events, or meetings with friends and family.
- Help spread the word about our activities on social media, within your community, and among friends. Consider forming kindness teams to encourage positive actions and foster unity for the greater good.
- Offer your prayers.

Understanding the Situation in Gaza

For the past 75 years, an unprecedented and escalating genocide has been unfolding in Palestine. In the Gaza Strip, two million civilians are confined to a 360 km² area, and within the last month, bombings with a devastating impact, exceeding that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, have ravaged this small region. Since October 7, Israel has targeted hospitals, schools, mosques, refugee camps, water storage facilities, bakeries, and children's parks, resulting in the loss of 11,078 lives in just 37 days, with over 25,000 injuries. Alarmingly, among the deceased, 4,506 are children, surpassing the number of children killed in armed conflicts in 20 countries worldwide over the past four years. The exact count of those trapped under rubble, either injured or martyred, remains unknown.

When it comes to Palestinian children, our advocacy extends beyond their basic rights to nutrition, shelter, health, education, and play; it encompasses the fundamental right to life. We firmly believe that the rights of children, safeguarded by laws, should apply universally without exception, and we are committed to doing our utmost in this regard.

As Iyilikhane Association for Children, we have been consistently working for years to spread kindness and mercy while providing equitable support to children in need. In addition to our regular activities in our home country, we take on responsibilities in crisis areas during emergencies, guided by the principles and values we hold dear. With the unwavering support of our volunteers and donors, we tirelessly strive to deliver aid promptly and effectively to those in need. We extend an invitation to everyone, irrespective of religion, language, or race, to stand against the inhumane atrocities in Gaza and to contribute in any way possible to alleviate the suffering.