Volunteer Activity Areas

Social investigation studies and aid distribution:

  • Together with a staff social worker, you can participate in the social investigation teams and aid distribution activities that we conduct in Istanbul to identify children in need.
  • As a volunteer, you can take part as an Arabic-Turkish translator or photographer during activities.
  • With your own vehicle, you can provide transportation and logistical support to our work.

In-office work: 

  • At our association centre, volunteers can support the preparation stages of our activities.

Promotional work:   

  • You can keep your friends informed about our activities by sharing information about İyilikhane on your web page, blog or social media accounts and in various communications. 
  • By obtaining brochures from our association centre, you can distribute them in places such as schools, dormitories, course locations, etc. 
  • You can share İyilikhane’s current activities with your networks (our orphan sponsorships, our food, clothing and educational aid, etc.), also you can share how to make donations to İyilikhane with your contacts and, taking inspiration from İyilikhane’s kindness movement, you can form groups with your friends to encourage one another and endeavour together to support orphan children and children in need.

Translation work:

  • You can help spread our campaigns and work internationally with English and/ or Arabic translations.
  • When communicating with children in need and their families, you can provide translation, and support the translation of materials which are prepared for families, into Arabic.

If you think you can contribute to our work in a different area with the opportunities and abilities you have, you can contact our association.