Our Principles and Values

  • To carry out activities in accordance with the principles of reliability, transparency and accountability.
  • To maintain person-oriented support work on the basis of voluntary contribution, self-sacrifice, altruism, sincerity, compassion and solidarity.
  • To provide fair support to children in need, by using objective evaluation criteria, regardless of language, religion, race, location and gender.
  • To convey donations to recipients in accordance with donors’ specific choices of support, in the shortest time and in the most efficient way.
  • To always act in a disciplined and dynamic manner in order to spread the goodness that’s within the framework of principles.
  • To adopt professional volunteering practices with responsibility.
  • To benefit from expertise and different disciplines.
  • To make the activities of the association permanent and independent, within the framework of the basic values, principles and methods developed, regardless of individuals and groups.
  • To research, consult with and learn from experiences of other organisations as we plan, review and innovate our practices.