Our story of active kindness towards children began with the Bookmark Project at Boğaziçi University in 2011. What began as a little act of kindness —handcrafting illustrated bookmarks to support children in need— quickly caught on. Thousands of students from different universities joined us, helping to collect donations through various events and giving out bookmarks, key rings, and notepads as tokens of appreciation to contributors. In a short period, our efforts snowballed into bigger projects.

As the fruit of our efforts, we have funded 21 cataract surgeries in Africa over three years. We then built our first permanent facilities: an orphanage for 46 children in Malawi, one of Africa's most impoverished nations, and a school for 360 students in Pattani, Thailand. These activities were complemented by our efforts to bring together philanthropists, thereby supporting the monthly needs of hundreds of orphans.

In 2014, we founded the Iyilikhane Association for Solidarity with Orphans, with a dedicated focus on supporting orphaned children. Our voluntary work has gained national and international media attention, leading to recognition with the “Courage Award”, “Communication Award”, and “International Kindness Award”. We expanded our focus in 2017 to serve a broader spectrum of needs, including not only orphans but also children facing extreme hardships despite having living parents. Hence, we renamed our organization to Iyilikhane Association for Children.

Our goal has always been to bring joy to children, reaching out to touch their lives and spread kindness regardless of language, religion, ethnicity, location, or gender. With the support of over 8000 volunteers and donors, 

  • We have built an orphanage in Bangladesh for 170 children, marking our third major infrastructure project.
  • Through expanding our Rings of Kindness project, we've been able to regularly support hundreds of orphans and children in need, and we continue to do so.
  • In Istanbul, we go door to door visiting homes of orphans, refugees, and other children in need, delivering essentials like food, clothing, school uniforms, and stationery supplies.
  • Through our Affinity Project, we connect refugee children, living in Türkiye under challenging conditions, with university student volunteers and graduate volunteers. We foster lasting and safe bonds that have a healing effect on both sides.
  • Additionally, we organize seasonal campaigns to provide children with Eid gifts, winter clothing, and emergency supplies. We also host events like children's iftars, picnics, and gatherings which aim to create lasting positive memories for our volunteers and children in need.
  • Through our projects providing continuous support to children, we've empowered hundreds of volunteers to actively contribute and grow personally, while helping children. We've also mobilized thousands of volunteers to help channel donations from contributors.

Starting from humble beginnings, we've continually expanded our reach. We warmly invite everyone to discover our work and become part of our kindness movement.

Iyilikhane Association for Children has the right to collect aid with the approvals of 124747 issued by the Provincial Civil Society Relations Directorate of Istanbul Governorship under Article 7 of Law No. 2860 on Charity Collection. The Tax Office is Fatih and the tax number is 4830345289. The association's activities are supervised by the Provincial Civil Society Relations Directorate of Istanbul Governorship under Article 16 of Law No. 2860 on Charity Collection.