Before each Eid, we accompany lots of children in shopping for their own Eid clothes in order to put a smile on their faces. These are undoubtedly exciting times for the children, as well as an opportunity for us volunteers to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Each child has their own unique personality - shy, cheerful, impatient, timid, affectionate... - but they all share the same excitement and the question we see in their eyes: "How did you hear my wishes?”

Following our Eid shopping, we present special gifts to the children, and the sparkles in those eyes shine even brighter. One of them exclaims, "Sister, I want to hug you!” We embrace them on behalf of everyone who has contributed to make this joy possible.

We celebrate each Eid with all our hearts, with the help of our donors who provide eid clothes for the children we support and our volunteers who always take great care of them, so that their joy is multiplied.